Lisk: Community meetup – Rotterdam

Op zondag 5 november was er een Community meetup in Rotterdam. Hier presenteerde Thomas Schouten een enorme agenda aan topics. Van uitbreiding van het team, tot de rebranding, partnerships tot de SDK en de langere termijn strategie. Hieronder een lijst met alle onderwerpen inclusief link naar de opgenomen live-stream video. Wij raden je sterk aan om deze video te bekijken. 

0:00 – Meetup intro by joo5ty (Dutch)
3:38 – Thomas starts his intro talk in English
6:56 – Agenda of things to talk about
– Expansion of the team
– Asia tour
– New exchanges
– Rebranding
– Academy
– Video strategy
– Decentralised exchange
– ICO suite
– Partnerships
– Satellite offices
– Blockchain incubator

9:13 – The start of LiskHQ and the idea behind the project
11:20 – The LiskHQ board of directors and the foundation in Switzerland
12:20 – LiskHQ team and partners
– Lightcurve, LiskHQ employees
– Wachsman PR, strategic brand development
– Taikonauten, design agency
– Rlevance, marketing consultant
– Expand online, online marketing SEO & SEA
– Bitcoin swiss, can liquidate large amounts of Bitcoin
– MME, legal partner
– Element, homepage video creator
– Boomerang, for broad video strategy

14:34 – LiskHQ already got calls from Google about their high potential company
15:34 – The Lisk team and the expansion
17:32 – HQ currently spending <1m (out of >100m) but will rapidly increase next year 
18:32 – LiskHQ is still hiring a lot more people
19:11 – Lisk product releases
20:32 – Lisk Nano v1.3 will probably be the last version before going all web-based
22:08 – More Asian Tour details
– Talks on summits
– Talks with exchanges
– Talks with Elite delegates
– Talks with Lisk App startups
– Interviews
– Lisk office in Shanghai might not be obvious due to regulation

35:45 – New exchanges
37:19 – Core 1.0 release soon and the basis of the SDK
39:00 – Rebranding phase1: [strategic repositioning: Rlevance
43:25 – Rebranding phase2: [UX strategy & creative rebranding
45:55 – The SDK is just the beginning
46:40 – Modular SDK ecosystem full throttle in 2018
– Flexibility
– Scalability
– Accessibility
– Security

51:24 – Mainchain and Sidechain visualization
53:04 – Ecosystem of sidechains – Value of tokens & interoperability
58:57 – Academy & Video strategy
– Animation videos to educate people
– Already 2 video production companies and probably a 3rd one will join.
– Regular videos about LiskHQ and the products

1:01:00 – How Thomas sees the future
– Everybody can become a Lisk Ambassador
– Decentralised Lisk exchange
– Exchange LSK with ICO tokens
– Lisk Wallet can manage ICO tokens
– ICO suites with 4million bounty funds for supporting community members or ICO development

1:04:00 – Evolving ecosystem
– Rebranding website, wallet, explorer
– SDK written in JavaScript
– Blockchain application platform in 2018

1:05:00 – that serves as a platform experience for the whole ecosystem
1:06:00 – App Catalog visualization
1:07:00 – Focus on utility
1:09:00 – Partnerships
– Harvard Medical School is waiting for the SDK release

1:11:00 – Lisk will support high potential ICO’s
– With financials (bounty funds)
– With the marketing team
– With endorsements

1:12:00 – Satellite offices
– LiskHQ will always stay in Berlin
– Lisk office in New York seems an obvious move?
– Lisk office in the Asian region?
– Lisk office in the Netherlands & Poland?

1:14:00 – Incubators
– Lisk providing office space to startups
– Lisk provide guidance to setup a business/foundation
– Hire mathematicians for protocol designs
– Hire lawyers for legal structures

1:15:00 Closing thoughts
– LiskHQ has one of the biggest team in the blockchain industry
– Lisk is one of the most developed projects on Github
– Based on the most popular programming language in the world
– World class contractors
– More then 120.000.000 usd funding secured in Switzerland
– Rapidly growing community
– Emerging interest from Asian region
– Focus on simplicity, scalability, security
– True long term strategy

1:18:30 – Get involved & contribute
– Ambassador program
– Offer your service to LiskHQ via github,, reddit, facebook

1:19:30 Q&A
– About the working of sidechains.
– Can I already develop an App right now?
– If my company develops a sidechain, but the Lisk mainchain stops working?
– What is currently the biggest obstacle for Lisk to overcome?
– Is there still a Lisk partnership with Microsoft for the Azure platform?
– Is the focus of Lisk on startups or enterprises?
– Is the work on the SDK public or private on Github?
– What kind of scalabilty can we expect from Lisk?
– What do you expect the price of Lisk will be in 2020?
– Will it be easier to buy Lisk with fiat in the future?


Lisk community meeting #2

I welcome everyone to the second official Lisk community meeting in which the Lisk team gives updates about the latest developments in terms of business, code, and marketing. At the end we have a Q/A with prepared questions by the community, this week A LOT were collected.

The agenda for the Lisk community meeting can be found in our blog announcement – LINK

Basically we will go through the following bullet points:

  1. Upcoming China Conference
  2. Forging Rewards Status
  3. Team Growth Progress
  4. gGmbH Creation Progress
  5. ICO Funds Retrieval Date

Let’s jump right into action so that we have more time for the questions afterwards

1. Upcoming China Conference

As you all know I will be in China from the 14th until the 26th. I will be in Shanghai until the 19th, and then drive with the train to Beijing.

In Shanghai I have a meeting with a very influential Chinese person and try to make a friendly partnership with him. If we can get him on board it would mean a big step forward for Lisk. However, at this point of time it is simply to touch bases. Learn more about each others, I will pitch Lisk and our vision to him. On a personal level he is a great guy and I’m really looking forward to the meeting.

I will also meet up with several Chinese Lisk community members from Shanghai. Be available, make contact points in one of the biggest cities of China.

The main reason for China is obviously Beijing. Luiz our awesome Chinese ambassador who is doing A LOT for Lisk at this moment in China, worked on a lot of meetings for Beijing.

Luiz delegate is simply called “China” and if you have a vote left you should seriously consider to vote for him.

On the day I will arrive in Beijing I will sit together with Luiz for a long time and he will update me about all his plans and achievements.

At this moment I know the persons I’m going to meet, but I don’t know the exact timetable. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about the persons I’m going to meet. This wouldn’t be a very good strategic decision. After China I will definitely write a big update about all things which happened, and will include as many persons as possible I met.

As you know when I was in Berlin with Oliver, we didn’t update the community 1 day. I will try to come online every day when I’m in China in order to update you guys what is happening.

In China I will also attend the following conference:

There are awesome people like Roger Ver Jeff Garzik. But also a lot of Chinese personalities which might not be very known in our western world. But indeed have a lot of influence in China.

University professors and I think even persons from the Chinese government will attend.

In terms of exchanges there will be Huobi, OKcoin, BTCC, Yuanbao, Yunbi, and a lot of others. I will try to speak with every single one of them. However, please note there is no guarantee that we will be listed on any of them.

I think showing them what is so great about Lisk and where we are going is a big first step. Making Lisk a name in China is a big step. Until now there was zero promotion from myself in China, everything was done by Luiz. He manages the QQ group with over 1000 people (I think) which is one of the most active cryptocurrency QQ groups in China.

There is a lot more going on in China and I hope after I’m back I can present you some nice Chinese initatives.

It’s the first China visit and it will be big. However, Lisk won’t be build in one day. So please don’t hype it up like there is no tomorrow. It will be one of MANY visits to China (and around the globe).

Awesome, that’s all about my China visit. I hope you are looking forward to my tweets from China and the upcoming Chinese report which will be published during the first week in July.

2. Forging Reward Status

As you know there is currently an artificial high block height threshold for the activation of the forging rewards.

We did this in order to have more time to stabilise, optimise, and secure the Lisk platform. As it currently stands, we might would have to fight with forking issues when A LOT of delegates are regularly switching delegate spots. Therefore, we have to work a bit more on the code and introduce a proper testnet to test the changes.

We are currently living and breathing Lisk. It’s the topic 24h of our days. So please remember that we put our all into Lisk, therefore we absolutely don’t want that it fails or break. Therefore, we decided to take the safer path. We don’t want to put a $45M network at risk.

If it means that we have to wait 6 weeks to activate the forging rewards, then so be it. The first delay was also quickly forgotten, and even if this is not an argument. I believe that this initial beta stage will not be remembered later down the road. It’s just a temporary state of Lisk, which is after all a highly technical, rocket-science, innovative, disruptive technology.

We are working on the issues and they will be resolved. We have the funds, we have the team, and we have the skills to solve them. We are all 100% certain of that. With Charles we also have the possibility to tap into a cryptography group, which might can give valuable input.

So to get more specific. We strongly believe that it won’t take 5 months to fix the problems. The switch will happen much sooner.

3. Team Growth Progress

Currently, the team consists of the following team members:

– Myself
– Oliver
– Joel
– Isabella
– Francois
– Ricardo

and the following advisers:

– Boris
– Axel
– Steven
– Charles

You may notice “Ricardo” who was not announced yet! We will announce him later today. He is the awesome developer who developed the Lisk paperwallet (

As you see he took self initiative and is now part of our team. We really liked that and we are also very impressed with the code quality he delivers. Therefore, we decided to hire him. First for smaller tasks, and then we will see how it evolves. More information in the blog post later today.

That means we now consist of 6 team members and 4 advisers. That’s a lot already for a network which launched about 2 weeks ago.

We also received A LOT of applications by front end, back end and app developers, and designers.

Initially, we wanted to sort them this week and take a look. However, this week was really crazy. We properly designed our internal processes regarding team communication and management. With the upcoming China and Russia visits I also had a lot to do and prepare. After we announced Steven and Charles as advisers a lot of news outlets were interested in interviews which I’m currently working on.

So I will most probably take a look at the applications tomorrow, sort them and review them. Looking forward to it, there were some very interesting individuals.

As an intermediate item between “Team Growth Progress” and “gGmbH Creation Progress” I would like to announce something life changing for Oliver and me!

We are moving to Berlin!

After working very efficient for the past 5 months on Lisk, we saw huge potential to get even more efficient by setting up an office. This way we really can work together, discuss new features more easily, and build a dedicated team of core developers around us.

This is a big change and we are very happy about it! I think it will be great. We reviewed several cities and Berlin was by far the best choice.*

– Awesome city with a HUGE, international startup community.
– Good pool of employees.
– Bitcoin meetups with 1500 members and 100 participants on one event.
– NodeJS meetups with over 1000 members.
– Good infrastructure to other cities.
– Cheap (e.g in comparison to London).

I hope that you all see the benefits of moving into an office. We will still have remote workers, because it’s not necessary to have everyone under one roof. However, having Oliver and myself, plus a few core devs in one room. Well, this just means good things.

Before more suggestions for other cities come. It’s not only a decision for the above reasons. It’s also a personal decision. Oliver and I both have families. Berlin offers so much more than just a good city for startups.

It’s also a great city to live in.

4. gGmbH Creation Progress

I  just met Axel this morning in Cologne. For everyone who doesn’t know him, he is our lawyer, legal adviser, and ICO escrow partner. He really helps us a lot.

That means all profit we might earn in the future, will have to go back into the company which goal is to build, maintain, and promote Lisk.

It also means that we can’t pay ourselves absurdly high salaries. Everything is controlled by the state and will be investigated every few years. So this gives you the security that we are not wasting the money or spending it on something else.

It also means that we can’t pay ourselves absurdly high salaries. Everything is controlled by the state and will be investigated every few years. So this gives you the security that we are not wasting the money or spending it on something else.

The state doesn’t decide anything within the company. What I meant with “everything is controlled by the state” is, that they audit our internal books.

This gives as I said the LSK holders the security that we are not reckless or act for our own benefit. Additionally, we don’t have to pay any taxes on the collected BTC.

Please note that the non-profit character requires some sort of an “application” and review process. So it might happen that the state doesn’t accept the non profit character of Lisk. That means we would have to change some internal processes and sentences on the charter.

There are a lot of companies, especially frameworks, which act under a non-profit company. So we are pretty certain that the gGmbH will be accepted. I just wanted to mention it.

The official registration of a gGmbH costs 25,000€ which has to come out of personal funds. We can’t use the ICO funds for that. Oliver and I will pay that. In the case the company will be closed, we get it back.

We believe that the last two bullet points, i.e. “Berlin Office” and “gGmbH” will give Lisk the credibility it deserves. We are a real startup and here to stay for many years ahead. Lisk is not something for the next few months, it’s a part of our lives for the next years. We are proud to say that.

5. ICO Funds Retrieval Date

I mentioned earlier that the non profit company allows us to not pay any taxes on the ICO funds, because the funds will be used for something non profit oriented. With Lisk we offer an open source, decentralized alternative to the other currently available App Stores. We also offer a framework to build blockchain applications and services, which can be stand alone programmes or being implemented into existing apps. Expanding them with blockchain/decentralization technologies.

In terms of the ICO funds that means they have to flow directly into the company itself. I.e. we are not allowed to lay a finger on them for even one second.

However, this is not a problem!

We have secured enough funds for several months through private (family-related) channels. So rest assured, we have enough money to operate without a problem until the gGmbH is founded.

You can see the results of this in our 6 man/woman strong team, various conference visits around the world, a proper infrastructure for our internal processes, and so on. So everything is going smoothly right now in terms of business development and promotions.

Ok! Awesome guys! With that we have cleared up all bullet points for the meeting!

We have received A LOT of community questions. I think it’s over 40 questions?!

That means we have different options. I have prepared all answers for the community questions already. It would be a simply copy & paste. It might make more sense to just publish them on our blog.


Lisk koers: de eerste 15 dagen na lancering

Lisk is vandaag precies 15 dagen oud. De lancering was op 24 mei 2016. Vandaag blik ik terug op de lancering en hoe het er nu voor staat met Lisk. Dit zal ik regelmatig doen.

Disclaimer: ik zit in Lisk voor de lange termijn omdat ik geloof in het project. Ik richt me vooralsnog op investeren in Lisk en nog niet zozeer op het ontwikkelen van Apps. Ik heb twee doelen met Lisk: één is om er veel geld aan te verdienen en daaruit voort vloeit een enthousiasme (om de community rondom) Lisk te laten groeien. Mensen te interesseren, liefst developers die ook de potentie zien en er Apps voor gaan maken.

Voorafgaand aan de lancering

Mensen konden voorafgaand aan de lancering al Lisk inkopen. Dit was eigenlijk een investering in Lisk, zodat de makers al reeds geld hadden om developers en dergelijke te kunnen betalen. Anders dan Bitcoin kun je Lisk niet minen (hierover een andere keer meer), maar werd er bij lancering direct 100.000.000 LSK verdeeld onder de ICO investeerders. De prijs lag ongeveer op 6 eurocent.

Lisk koers: de eerste 24 uur

Lisk is gelanceerd met een startkoers van ongeveer 0,002 BTC, ongeveer 1 euro. Direct na lancering waren er wat problemen en de mensen die vooraf waren ingestapt met de ICO hebben toen snel hun investering teruggepakt. Zij hebben in ieder geval al veel winst gemaakt! Het gevolg hiervan was dat de koers snel naar beneden ging, zoals uiterst links te zien is in onderstaande grafiek:

Lisk eerste 24 uur

Dit duurde niet lang en de koers werd al snel vrij stabiel op 0,00051 BTC (0,20 EUR). Dit was het perfecte moment om in te stappen, wat ik zelf gelukkig direct gedaan heb!

Lisk koers: de eerste dagen na de lancering

Dag 2

Dag 2 was direct een mooie topdag voor de Lisk koers: van 0,0005 BTC naar 0,00123 (0,51 EUR)!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 18.28.26

Dag 3

Maar na elke mooie piek komt ook een dal, dus dag 3 was weer iets minder. Vervelend als je elke 10 minuten kijkt en de koers (en dus je geld) weer (in waarde) omlaag ziet gaan..

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 18.32.38

Dag 4

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 18.41.52

Dag 5

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 18.42.54

En de dagen erna tot vandaag

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 18.43.59

15 dagen Lisk

15 dagen lisk

In bovenstaande grafiek is mooi de piek te zien op de tweede en derde dag. Waarna hij vervolgens weer aardig is ingestort maar ook weer opgekrabbeld. Dit zijn normale fluctuaties bij nieuwe coins. In de grafiek zie je ook erg veel streepjes (donkergroen) in de eerste paar dagen. Mensen waren toen continue de koers aan het checken en kochten/verkochten bij elke beweging. Een beweging omhoog zorgt ervoor dat iedereen ging verkopen en omlaag weer snel bijkopen. Dit zijn de zogenaamde “day-traders”. Mensen die kopen als hij laag staat en direct weer verkopen als de koers iets hoger staat. Als je dit met een grote hoeveelheid geld doet, dan kun je hier aardig aan verdienen!!

Conclusie: Lisk koers 15 dagen na lancering

Elke nieuwe coin heeft fluctuaties de eerste paar weken na lancering. Wat bij Lisk nog meespeelde was dat de Bitcoin koers erg omhoog ging in dezelfde periode en The DAO uitkwam (mijn mening is dat deze niet interessant is) maar deze zaken beïnvloeden de koers wel.

De Lisk koers is inmiddels aardig stabiel, zo rond de 0,0007 en 0,0008 BTC maar je ziet hem ook een klein beetje omhoog ten opzichte van het einde van de eerste week. Mijn conclusie is dat Lisk zich inmiddels redelijk gestabiliseerd heeft als echte crypto currency en nog steeds veel belovend is.

Aanstaande zaterdag is een community meeting waarbij de oprichters vragen zullen beantwoorden uit de community. Hier zal waarschijnlijk wel wat positief nieuws uitkomen, wat de koers uiteraard ook positief kan beïnvloeden. Verder zullen de oprichters er alles aan doen om het netwerk te laten groeien, nieuwe developers aan te nemen en partnerships met andere grote partijen aan te gaan. Dit zal de koers van Lisk natuurlijk alleen maar ten goede komen.